Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 01-08 and is now closed.

Ballot question: "Do we approve of this charter?"

(Ignas Bagdonas) Yes

(Deborah Brungard) No Objection

(Alissa Cooper) No Objection

Roman Danyliw No Objection

Benjamin Kaduk No Objection

Comment (2019-09-04 for -01-08)
I a little bit wonder whether "ANIMA will work on closing gaps and
extending the ANI and its components" is more open-ended than it needs
to be, but have no alternative restricting clauses to suggest.

I'd like to confirm whether "BRSKI features, including proxies,
enrollment, adaptions over various network protocols, variations of
voucher formats" is intended to stay within the bounds of
"professionally-managed networks" per the first paragraph.

(Mirja K├╝hlewind) No Objection

(Barry Leiba) No Objection

(Alexey Melnikov) No Objection

Alvaro Retana No Objection

(Adam Roach) No Objection

Martin Vigoureux No Objection

Comment (2019-09-05 for -01-08)
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thank you for addressing my BLOCK on previous version.

(Magnus Westerlund) No Objection