Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ice)

Document Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Active Internet-Draft (1 hit)
Trickle ICE: Incremental Provisioning of Candidates for the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) Protocol
33 pages
RFC Ed Queue : AUTH48 for 87 days
Submitted to IESG for Publication: Proposed Standard
Reviews: genart, opsdir, secdir
Jan 2017
Ben Campbell
Nils Ohlmeier
RFCs (2 hits)
RFC 8421 (was draft-ietf-ice-dualstack-fairness)
Guidelines for Multihomed and IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE)
9 pages
Best Current Practice RFC
Ben Campbell
Ari Keränen
RFC 8445 (was draft-ietf-ice-rfc5245bis)
Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE): A Protocol for Network Address Translator (NAT) Traversal
100 pages
Proposed Standard RFC
2 Ben Campbell
Peter Thatcher
Document Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Related Internet-Draft (1 hit)
Using Multicast DNS to protect privacy when exposing ICE candidates
6 pages
I-D Exists
Call For Adoption By WG Issued