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2019-03-08 Christopher Wood
2019-03-01 Liz Flynn sent scheduled notification for IETF-104
2019-02-08 Cindy Morgan Added milestone "Work practice description and policy document(s) sent to IESG for publication as BCP", due 2019-08-31, from approved charter
2019-02-08 Cindy Morgan Charter approved, group active
2019-01-29 Amy Vezza Chairs changed to <b>Christopher Wood, Paul Hoffman</b> from
2019-01-08 Cindy Morgan Mailing list archive changed to <b><a href=""></a></b> from
2019-01-08 Cindy Morgan Mailing list subscribe address changed to <b><a href=""></a></b> from
2019-01-02 Alissa Cooper Group created in state Proposed