Kepeng Li


Kepeng has no active roles as of 2018-09-23.


rfc6430 Nov 2011 Email Feedback Report Type Value: not-spam
rfc6468 Feb 2012 Sieve Notification Mechanism: SIP MESSAGE
rfc6474 Dec 2011 vCard Format Extensions: Place of Birth, Place and Date of Death
rfc6558 Mar 2012 Sieve Extension for Converting Messages before Delivery
rfc6715 Aug 2012 vCard Format Extensions: Representing vCard Extensions Defined by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Converged Address Book (CAB) Group
rfc7566 Jun 2015 Enumservice Registration for 'acct' URI
rfc7642 Sep 2015 System for Cross-domain Identity Management: Definitions, Overview, Concepts, and Requirements