Call for Nominees
October 27, 2004

From: NomCom Chair <>
To: IETF Announcement list <>
Date: October 27, 2004
Subject: Call for Nominees

Please send your nominations for open IESG and IAB positions

IESG members whose terms are up are:

Harald Alvestrand -- IETF Chair
Bill Fenner -- Routing Area
Ted Hardie -- Applications Area
Russ Housley -- Security Area
David Kessens -- Operations & Management Area
Thomas Narten -- Internet Area
Jon Peterson -- Transport Area

IAB members whose terms are up are:

Bernard Aboba
Rob Austein
Sally Floyd
Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino
Mark Handley
Geoff Huston

The nomination period will end Tuesday, November 23, 2004.

Any member of the IETF community may nominate any member of the
IETF community for any position.  Self-nominations are permitted and

Likewise, if you have any feedback regarding current incumbents, please
send it to