Liaison statement
LS on H.248 IANA Registration Procedures (COM16 - LS 346)

State Posted
Posted Date 2008-09-12
From Group ITU-T-SG-16
From Contact Simão de Campos
To Group RAI
To Contacts
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2009-01-05 Action Taken
Attachments Draft new H.248.1v3 Amendment 2
Q3/16 has reviewed the H.248 IANA Registration procedures defined in
( and
agrees with the proposed procedures. As a result it has updated the IANA
considerations section of H.248.1v3 to align with the procedures as specified
in the draft. These updates can be found in draft H.248.1v3 Amendment 2 (TD-47
as Attachment 1).
H.248.1v3 Amendment 2 is scheduled for approval in January/February 2009. In
order to normatively reference the IETF work, Q.3/16 would appreciate it if
draft-groves-megaco-pkgereq-02 can be progressed through the IETF/IESG
approval process to RFC status by this date.
Attachment 1:	“Draft new H.248.1v3 Amendment 2” (TD 47)