Liaison statement
IETF PCE WG's Response to Liaision from IEEE 802.1 on August 11

State Posted
Posted Date 2014-09-19
From Group pce
From Contact Julien Meuric
To Group IEEE-802-1
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Purpose In response
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Liaisons referred by this one Liaison from IEEE 802.1 to IETF PCE WG
Thank you for your recent liaison about the potential use of PCE in your 802.1
work. We are pleased to hear that the technology developed within the IETF may
have broader applicability.

We would be pleased to receive liaisons from you about work that involves PCE
and will bring any documents you send us to the attention of the PCE working
group for participants to review and send feedback direct to the relevant part
of 802.1. We would, of course, also be happy to answer any questions
concerning how the PCE communication Protocol works and how the PCE
architecture hangs together.

As you will notice from the IANA registry for PCEP
( code points can be
allocated predominately only through the process called "IETF Review". Please
see RFC 5226 for a full definition of this process, but in summary it requires
the publication of an RFC that has IETF consensus. Therefore, if you identify
the need for protocol extensions to PCEP in support of your work, the best
approach will be to bring the requirements to the IETF in the form of an
Internet-Draft and then to work within the PCE working group to develop the
solution mechanisms (i.e., protocol extensions). This will ensure that any
modifications to the protocol are consistent with the way the protocol was
designed to work, and that there are no problems allocating the necessary code

Looking forward to hearing more about this work,

JP Vasseur and Julien Meuric
(PCE Working Group Chairs)