Liaison statement
NGN Management Focus Group

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Posted Date 2005-10-18
From Group ITU-T-SG-4
From Contact Greg Jones
To Group OPS
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Purpose For information
Attachments COM 4 – LS 42 – E - NGN Management Focus Group
After reviewing and endorsing the report of the NGN Management Focus Group
(NGNMFG), Study Group 4 agreed to continue the NGNMFG under the attached terms
of reference. More specifically, SG4 agreed the NGNMFG should enhance its
primary deliverable, the NGN Management Specification Roadmap, which
identifies a set of existing and draft management specifications to support
NGN Release 1. The NGNMFG was asked to give particular attention to
identifying specification gaps and stimulating the "filling of these gaps" as
well as promoting the harmonization of "overlapping" specifications.
Though it is recognized that the current Roadmap (v1.0) needs enhancement, SG4
agreed it warranted broad visibility and thus it has been made available on
the public side of the SG 4 web site at the following URL:  
It should be noted that the Roadmap currently identifies the specifications of
8 organizations as applicable to NGN management, a practice that is a hallmark
of the NGNMFG activities. SG4 recognizes that the development of the Roadmap
is dependent on the participation of members of your organization and
expresses its thanks for that support.
Any additional participants of your organization that are interested in
contributing to NGNMFG activities and also accessing its documentation, are
requested to register as indicated at the NGNMFG web site:
<attach TD157Rev1/GEN - NGNMFG terms of Reference v3.1>