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Submitted: September 12, 2018 under the rules in RFC 8179

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Holder legal name ISARA Corporation

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Name Sean Turner
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Internet-Draft: draft-truskovsky-lamps-pq-hybrid-x509 ("Multiple Public-Key Algorithm X.509 Certificates")

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Date: 2017-05-23
Notes: From the abstract:

In a general aspect, a digital certificate can be used with multiple cryptography systems ("cryptosystems"). In some cases, the digital certificate includes a public key field, which contains a first public key of an entity. The first public key of the entity is associated with a first cryptosystem. The digital certificate includes a signature value field, which contains a first digital signature of a certificate authority. The first digital signature is associated with the first cryptosystem. The digital certificate includes an extension. The extension contains a second public key of the entity, a second digital signature of the certificate authority or both. The second public key is associated with a second cryptosystem, and the second digital signature is associated with the second cryptosystem.
Title: Using a digital certificate with multiple cryptosystems
Number: US9660978
Inventor: Alexander Truskovsky, et al.

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Has patent pending No

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