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Intent to provide change control of PGP Key and messages to IETF

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Submitted: September 18, 1997 under the rules in RFC 2026

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I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")

Holder legal name PGP Inc.

II. Patent Holder's Contact for Licence Application

Holder contact name Charles Breed
Holder contact email cbreed@pgp.com
Holder contact info

Senior Director
PGP technologies

III. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR Disclosure Relates

RFC: RFC1790 ("An Agreement between the Internet Society and Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the Matter of ONC RPC and XDR Protocols")
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IV. Licensing Declaration

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VI. Other Notes

Additional notes

Just to make things 'crystal clear', let it be known that...

"PGP Inc. intends to turn change control of the PGP key and messages
formats over to the IETF in a similar way to the way Sun Microsystems
turned over RPC in RFC1790."

Charles Breed
Senior Director fo PGP technologies

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