Algorithms for Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Protection of Symmetric Key Package Content Types
RFC 6160

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Comment (2011-02-02)
Section 3

   Regardless of the key management technique choice, implementations 
   MUST support AES-128 Key Wrap with Padding [RFC5649] as the content 
   encryption algorithm.  Implementations SHOULD support AES-256 Key 
   Wrap with Padding [RFC5649] as the content encryption algorithm. 

Is it sufficiently clear from context that this "MUST" applies only
to the case on an implementation that supports EnvelopedData? 

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Comment (2011-02-01)
Global changes:
  s/key encryption key/key-encryption key/
  s/key encryption algorithm/key-encryption algorithm/
  s/content encryption key/content-encryption key/
  s/content encryption algorithm/content-encryption algorithm/

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