Transport Layer Security (TLS) Authorization Using KeyNote
RFC 6042

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Comment (2010-07-11)
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By mistake I made my comments a DISCUSS. I just now realized that this is an Independent Submission through RFC Editor, so my comments can't be blocking.

This is a bit trivial, but I think the following issues should be fixed before the document is approved for publication (Apart from these 2 issues, I have no objections to the publication of this document.):

3. KeyNote Credential Assertion List URL

   Implementations that support keynote_assertion_list_url MUST
   support URLs that employ the http scheme [UPGRADE].

where [UPGRADE] is defined as:

   [UPGRADE]    Khare, R., and S. Lawrence, "Upgrading to TLS Within
                HTTP/1.1", RFC 2817, May 2000.

I don't believe this is the correct reference here.
If you truly meant "http", then you should use RFC 2616 here.
If you meant "https", then RFC 2818 is the correct reference.

I believe the following 2 references are Normative, as they are needed to implement this spec:

7. Informative References

   [KEYNOTE]    Blaze, M., Feigenbaum, J., Ioannidis, J., and
                A. Keromytis, "The KeyNote Trust-Management System,
                Version 2", RFC 2704, September 1999.

   [AUTHZ]      Brown, M., and R. Housley, "Transport Layer Security
                (TLS) Authorization Extensions", RFC 5878, May 2010

1. Introduction

   A list of KeyNote credentials (e.g., forming a delegation chain)
   may be sent as part of the same payload.  Alternatively, a URL

RFC 3986 should be sited here (as an Informative reference).

   pointing to the location of such a list of KeyNote credentials
   may be provided.

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