Use of IPsec Transport Mode for Dynamic Routing
RFC 3884

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Technical Summary

  IPsec can be used to secure the links of a virtual private network
  (VPN).  Virtual links established by IPsec tunnel mode conflict with
  routing and forwarding inside the virtual network, due to the IP
  routing dependence on references to interfaces and next-hop IP
  addresses.  This document proposes a solution, called IIPtran, in
  which IPIP encapsulation separate from IPsec is used together with
  transport-mode IPsec.  IPIP tunnel encapsulation occurs as a separate
  initial step, based on a forwarding lookup of the VN packet.  After
  the forwarding lookup, IPsec transport mode processes the resulting
  (tunneled) IP packet with an SA determined through a security
  association database (SAD) match on the tunnel header.

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