IAB Workshop on Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World (MaRNEW) Report

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Expires: December 24, 2017                                 June 22, 2017

 IAB Workshop on Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World (MaRNEW)


   The MarNEW workshop aimed to discuss solutions for badnwidth
   optimisation on mobile networks for encrypted content, as current
   solutions rely on unencrypted content which is not indicative of the
   security needs of today's internet users.  The workshop gathered IETF
   attendees, IAB members and various organisations involved in the
   telecommunications industry including original equipment
   manufacturers and mobile network operators.

   The group discussed the current internet encryption trends and
   deployment issues identified within the IETF, and the privacy needs
   of users which should be adhered.  Solutions designed around sharing
   data from the network to the endpoints and vice versa were then
   discussed as well as analysing whether the current issues experienced
   on the transport layer are also playing a role here.  Content
   providers and CDNs gave an honest view of their experiences delivery
   content with mobile network operators.  Finally, technical responses
   to regulation was discussed to help the regulated industries relay
   the issues of impossible to implement or bad-for-privacy technologies
   back to regulators.

   A group of suggested solutions were devised which will be discussed
   in various IETF groups moving forward.

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1.  Introduction

   Mobile networks have a set of requirements and properties which
   places a large emphasis on sophisticated bandwidth optimization.
   Encryption is increasing on the internet which is positive for
   consumer and business privacy and security.  Many existing mobile
   bandwidth optimization solutions primarily operate on non-encrypted
   communications; this can lead to performance issues being amplified
   on mobile networks.  Encryption on networks will continue to
   increase; and with this understanding the workshop aimed to
   understand how we can solve the issues of bandwidth optimization and
   performance on radio networks in this encrypted world.

1.1.  Understanding "Bandwidth Optimization"

   For the purposes of this workshop, bandwidth optimization encompasses
   a variety of technical topics related to traffic engineering,
   prioritisation, optimisation, efficiency enhancements, as well as
   user-related topics such as specific subscription or billing models.
   These can include:

   o  Caching

   o  Prioritisation of interactive traffic over background traffic

   o  Per-user bandwidth limit

   o  Business-related topics such as content delivery arrangements with
      specific content providers.

Rooney                  Expires December 24, 2017               [Page 2]
Internet-Draft                   marnew                        June 2017

   Many of these functions can continue as they're performed today, even
   with more encryption.  Others use methods which require them to
   inspect parts of the communication that are encrypted, and these will
   have to be done differently in an encrypted Internet.

   Finally, while not strictly speaking traffic management, some
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